Utopian Fire Dancers

 Za and Be Utopia are a husband and wife team that deliver unique and professional fire dancing stage shows. They have been performing together for 7  years and upon meeting joined their unique fire dancing talents to create Utopian Fire.

 Za Utopia  has been training since the age of 6 in many forms of martial arts including kickboxing, tae kwan doe, karate, judo and nijitsu.  He brings these powerful martial arts movements into our shows.  These combined with dynamic fire twirling and dancing provide the masculine warrior aspect to Utopian Fire.

 Be Utopia  has been trained in many forms of dance since the age of 6, her main styles being contemporary, classical and theatrical dance.  She brings beauty and poise to the stage along with her classic sensual fire dancing, which creates a perfect feminine balance with Za in these spectacular shows.